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Bring ThinkBook to Your Enterprise

Possibility Thinking creates magic in your life. When you bring the power of possibility thinking across your enterprise, that magic gets
compounded and amplified because your team members feed off from each other’s expanded thinking.

You have many ways to bring the power of ThinkBook to your enterprise.
Here are a few ways to consider:

ThinkBook Boost Mode

Get a ThinkBook for every team member and soon you might see a subtle positive shift in their attitude. You can amplify the impact by gently nudging them to have discussions on the insights within the book or the questions that follow those insights

ThinkBook Vitamin Mode

Invest in your team by getting them a ThinkBook subscription – we have four levels for you to consider:


They receive one fresh ThinkBook every six months


They receive one fresh ThinkBook every three months


They receive one fresh ThinkBook every two months


They receive one fresh ThinkBook every month

ThinkBook Special Light Mode

You can get any ThinkBook in the series with the cover customized with your logo and branding. This will also serve as a cool gift or leave behind for your salespeople

ThinkBook Special In-depth Mode

You can ask for in-depth customization where the possibility thinking pairs are chosen based on the theme that you want your team to focus on. For example, you could ask for a Leadership-themed ThinkBook where all the 34 Possibility Pairs in the ThinkBook will be about leadership.

If you have other ideas beyond what’s outlined above, we are ready to listen. Reach out with your ideas.