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Behind the Scenes

An ambitious project of this nature and size is rarely a solo act. ThinkBook series is no exception.
Here are the various teams involved in bringing the ThinkBook idea to life.


Creator: Rajesh Setty
Location: Silicon Valley, United States
Rajesh has been creating Napkinsights
(a Napkinsight is an insight that fits on a paper napkin) since 2016. He posts the very first hand-drawn versions of the Napkinsights on Facebook. At the time of this writing, he has created and published over 1500 Napkinsights


Who: Opher Brayer
Location: Israel
Why: Rajesh and Opher have been friends since 2016, Taking on the role of a mentor, Opher helps shape the overall strategy and direction for the ThinkBook series of books and related products.
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Who: Ming Goh
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Why: Rajesh and Ming have known each other since 2009 when they met via Twitter. Rajesh has collaborated with Ming on many projects mainly because Ming is not only an awesome illustrator, but also one who works autonomously. More about Ming at


Who: Verbinden Communications
Location: Bangalore, India
Why: Rajesh has been friends with the founding team of Verbinden Communications since its inception in 2014. Rajesh has collaborated with Verbinden on multiple projects. The Verbinden team curates the Napkinsights and the paired questions for every ThinkBook.
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Copy Consulting

Who: David Deutsch
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Why: Rajesh and David have been friends for years. David is considered as a legendary copywriter. He helps shape the copy within the ThinkBook to ensure that it’s world-class
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Who: Apexiva
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Why: Julia Afflekt at Apexiva is a world-class designer who has made it a habit to exceed her client’s expectations every single time.
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Who: 3 Keys
Location: Bangalore, India
Why: Nilesh Kapse from 3 Keys and Rajesh have been friends since 2002. Rajesh has collaborated with Nilesh on a few dozen projects across multiple startups. Nilesh and team help with the publishing of the books after the design team hands it off to them.


Who: Sequoia Impact
Location: Netherlands
Why: Parsifal Tritsch and team at Sequoia Impact have a proven track record in designing campaigns that yield results. They focus on helping visionaries get their message reach hundreds and thousands of (right) people.
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Content Partnership

Who: Audvisor
Location: Palo Alto
Why: Rajesh is one of the co-fouders of Audvisor where world-class thought leaders and accomplished executives share their audio insights with each insight being 3-minutes or less in length. In short, Audvisor can be described as Pandora for learning. Select insights from the ThinkBook collection will be shared on the Audvisor platform
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Overall Management

Who: Mindshare Digital
Location: Silicon Valley, United States
Why: Joshua Rozario and Rajesh have known each other since 2007 and have collaborated on several projects. Mindshare Digital team manages the entire ThinkBook project end-to-end both online and offline.
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